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We are KPK Games, an independent game development studio based in Czechia. We are responsible for Sollarion, an immersive free to play online strategy card game.

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It is not just a game, but a turn-based strategy card game with hexagonal map. Sollarion is the first game of its kind based on the solana blockchain, which is used for in-game currency and all ingame items in the form of NFTs.

We have focused on our community and players, so they are able to earn from everything they do. Sollarion is free to play and play to earn.


How we started...

We started as 3 friends and enthusiasts who wanted to create a quality gaming project that would bring a new approach to the world of blockchain gaming. We believe that the blockchain gaming market is in the early stages of development, therefore we are trying to develop a high quality game that will be fun and popular among gamers. Our game will be multi-platform, so we expect to release on PC (win and mac), playstation and Xbox, eventually a mobile version.

Martin Kolínský

The one behind all the development and programming. He is in charge of all the implementation of the game parts and the management of the development team.

Ladislav Prekop

Practically the first person you meet. He knows everything about the project and is in charge of the major partnerships and communications, among other things.

Petr Kolínský

The one that came up with the vision for the project and anchored the idea to begin with. In addition, he is the initial investor and the visionary who is primarily in charge of the art section.

We are awaiting you...

We are constantly growing and there are never enough quality people to join the team. You will be involved in the development of an interesting game project, you will find a lot of fun but also a lot of work. If you are interested in working with us, take a look at the positions below.

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Do you want to be part of a fast growing game studio and be part of the development of a great game project? Whether you want to become an investor, angel or have other added value